Changing the style of a notebook

It is possible to change style of the notebook. This includes amongst other font styles, colors and size. To achieve this, simply specify the style using CSS or HTML within a markdown cell or in a raw cell. The style won't show up until stored as .html or opened in nbviewer.

The following is an example of an header from a notebook on

@import url(;
<a href=""><img class="logo" /></a>

# Orbits in the Schwarzschild Geometry (General Relativity)

### Examples - Astrophysics
<section class="post-meta">
By Eilif Sommer Øyre, Jonas Tjemsland and Jon Andreas Støvneng
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The code is inserted directly into a markdown-cell. The style of the notebook is specified between <style> and </style>. In our case, we link to a css-file stored on the website. Alternatively, the content of the file can be inserted directly.