About the project

NumFys is an online computational resource for use of computational physics, with learning modules and examples covering several topics in physics. The material is presented in IPython Notebooks.


Dr. Jon Andreas Støvneng
Associate Professor
Department of Physics, NTNU
+47 735 93 663

Dr. Peter Berg
Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Brock University, Canada
+1.905.688.5550 x3421


Aksel Kvaal, Andreas Krogen, Eilif S. Øyre, Henning G. Hugdal, Håkon W. Ånes, Jenny Lunde, Jon Andreas Støvneng, Jonas Tjemsland, Knut Sverdrup, Magnus A. Gjennestad, Magnus H-S Dahle, Martin Duy Tat, Morten Vassvik, Niels Henrik Aase, Peter Berg, Sondre Duna Lundemo, Thorvald Ballestad, Tor Nordam, Trygve B. Wiig, Vegard Hagen and Øystein Hiåsen.

Want to contribute?

If you want to write a notebook, or have already written one, explaining a numerical technique or applying one to a physical problem, let us know on Facebook or GitHub.