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Modern 1

  Seam Carving


Seam carving is an algorithm for content-aware resizing of an image. This notebook presents the algorithm and tries to provide some insight into its workings.

Modern 1

  A quick introduction to the Julia programming language

fortran, basic, Julia

Julia has to some degree already cemented itself in the scientific community, and will most likely continue to expand in the coming years. It aims at taking the middle ground between Python on one side, and Fortran and C++ on the other. In this notebook we offer a quick introduction for those who wish to venture from Python to Julia.

Biophysics 1

  Bak-Sneppen model in Julia

basic, Julia

The Bak-Sneppen model of evolution is a simple model describing the evolution of an ecosystem. It offers a surprising amount of insight given its simplicity. This notebook does not deep dive into the model, but illustrates the basics using the Julia programming language.