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Basics 1

  Classes in Python


Introduction to object oriented programming in Python.

Modern 2

  A quick introduction to the Julia programming language

fortran, basic, Julia

Julia has to some degree already cemented itself in the scientific community, and will most likely continue to expand in the coming years. It aims at taking the middle ground between Python on one side, and Fortran and C++ on the other. In this notebook we offer a quick introduction for those who wish to venture from Python to Julia.

  Quantum computing - Basics

basic, quantum computers, cat states

Uses the qiskit framework to run basic quantum circuits, both locally and on real quantum computers.

Biophysics 1

  Bak-Sneppen model in Julia

basic, Julia

The Bak-Sneppen model of evolution is a simple model describing the evolution of an ecosystem. It offers a surprising amount of insight given its simplicity. This notebook does not deep dive into the model, but illustrates the basics using the Julia programming language.

Ordinary Differential Equations 1

  Euler's Method

euler, differential equation, euler explicit method, set of odes, basic

A thorough walkthrough of the theoretical aspects of Euler's method. Also covers how to solve higher order ODEs.

Basics 7

  Intermediate plotting


Basic and intermediate plotting with Python using the Matplotlib library. Topics include, figure formatting, subplots, mesh grids and 3D plots.

  Intermediate NumPy


An extension of the Introduction to NumPy-notebook, going through some of the more common features in NumPy.

  Simple implementation of Euler's method

explicit euler method, ode, implementation, basic

Basic notebook covering how to implement Euler's method, without much focus on theory

  Introduction to NumPy

Very basic introduction to using and generating NumPy arrays

  Linear Algebra in Python

Basic linear algebra in Python.

  Discrete Fourier Transform

fft, dft

Brief introduction to Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform.

  Basic Plotting


Plotting a function in Python.