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Curve Fitting 1

Particle and Nuclear Physics 1

  Half-Life Measurements

radiation, radioactive decay, curve fitting

Introduces curve fitting in Python and uses this to estimate the half-life of the Ba-137m isotope.

Mechanics 1

  The Cavendish Experiment

gravity, newton, harmonic oscillator, cavendish, curve fitting

Analyzes data from the Cavendish experiment using curve fitting. The Gravitational Constant is estimated.

Curve Fitting 2

  Trigonometric Interpolation

discrete fourier transform, interpolation, fft, least squares

Using trigonometric interpolation and the discrete Fourier transform to fit a curve to equally spaced data points.

  Polynomial Interpolation

newton, lagrange, interpolation, chebychev nodes, runges phenomenon

Using polynomial interpolation to interpolate a set of points and to approximate a function or a curve.