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Mechanics 1

  Double Pendulum and Chaos

differential equation, animation, Lagrangian, Euler-Lagrange equations, chaos, phase space, odeint

Discusses the chaotic motion of the double pendulum using a phase-space diagram

Thermodynamics 1

  One-dimensional Stationary Heat Equation

chebychev nodes, temperature

Solving the one-dimensional stationary heat equation with a Gaussian heat source by approximating the solution as a sum of Lagrange polynomials.

Astrophysics 1

  Lagrange Points

newton, 4th order runge-kutta, space, lagrange, gravity

Studying how a third mass behaves in the effective gravitational potential resulting from two opposing masses (here: Sun and Earth).

Curve Fitting 1

  Polynomial Interpolation

chebychev nodes, newton, interpolation, lagrange, runges phenomenon

Using polynomial interpolation to interpolate a set of points and to approximate a function or a curve.