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Statistical Mechanics 1

  Equilibrium Monte Carlo simulation of the 2D Ising model

magnetism, spin, monte carlo, fortran, f2py, metropolis, equilibrium, autocorrelation, ising

Using the Metropolis algorithm to approximate the magnetization and specific heat for a 2D Ising lattice.

Particle and Nuclear Physics 1

  Electron Positron Annihilation

monte carlo, electroweak, pythia, feynman diagrams, photon, historgram, neutrino

Uses the event generator Pythia 8.230 to compute the energy spectrum from electron positron annihilation at the Z resonance.

Quantum Mechanics 2

  Hydrogen Molecule Ion

schrödinger equation

Employing Monte Carlo integration to determine the "shape" of the hydrogen molecule ion.

  The Size of a Hydrogen Atom - Monte Carlo Integration

monte carlo

Computing the size of the hydrogen atom using Monte Carlo integration.

Numerical Integration 2

  Monte Carlo Integration in D Dimensions

monte, carlo

Numerical integration in D dimensions using the Monte Carlo method.

  Monte Carlo Integration in One Dimension

monte, carlo

Numerical integration in one dimension using the Monte Carlo method.