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Ordinary Differential Equations 1

  Euler's Method

euler, differential equation, euler explicit method, set of odes, basic

A thorough walkthrough of the theoretical aspects of Euler's method. Also covers how to solve higher order ODEs.

Electromagnetism 1

  Magnetic Mirror

embedded runge-kutta pair, integration, set of odes

The trajectory of a charged particle propagating in a non-uniform magnetic field is calculated by solving the Lorentz force law using an embedded Runge-Kutta pair. The results show that the particle is mirrored.

Mechanics 1

  Projectile motion

explicit euler method, 4th order runge-kutta, ode, Big Bertha, set of odes

Computing the trajectory of a projectile moving through the air, subject to wind and air drag.

Curve Fitting 2

  Cubic Splines

interpolation, sparse matrix, chebychev nodes, curve fitting, system of equations, runge's phenomenon

Uses cubic splines to interpolate a given set of data points

  Polynomial Interpolation

newton, lagrange, interpolation, chebychev nodes, runges phenomenon

Using polynomial interpolation to interpolate a set of points and to approximate a function or a curve.