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Quantum Mechanics 1

  Modeling Atoms, Molecules, and Crystals in One Dimension

eigenenergy, eigenstate, schrödinger equation, waves, spin, hemmer

Solving the time independent Schrödinger equation in one dimension using matrix diagonalisation for five different potentials.

Waves and Acoustics 3

  Simple Sound Filtering

sound filtering, beat, nyquist-shannon sampling theorem, discrete fourier transform, music

Programming with sounds and using Fourier transforms to filter sound signals.


euler, eigenvalue, poisson's equation, integration, interpolation, newton, simpson's method

Analyzing sloshing using a numerical approach based on a linear model, which reduces the problem to a Steklov eigenvalue problem.

  Doppler Effect

speed of sound, doppler, discrete fourier transform

Calculating the speed of a passing train by Fourier analysis of the corresponding sound file.